Protect Your Home While Traveling – With Your Smart Phone

Your Smart Phone can help Protect Your Home

We often don’t consider how our homes are left uninhabited while we’re traveling and ‘open the door’ for burglars, as usually no one is home to secure and preserve it. Prior to heading out on vacation, we focus on reserving our hotel and scheduling vacation activities, however don’t think about protecting our house from uninvited guests while we are gone. When returning from a lovely holiday, the last thing you desire to find is that your home has been violated.

Develop a Security and Safety Plan for your Home

A smart home security and safety plan does not need to be overly complicated or costly. In the majority of cases, your smart phone, which are usually with us at all times, is an effective and easy way to watch things, and control them to some extent, while you’re away.

Activating sound systems and lights remotely gives potential intruders the impression that someone is home. Smart plugs have been available for a while, however are still quite new to many people. They simply plug into electrical items and can be controlled remotely once linked to a smart phone.

With this remote control, smart plugs can make it appear that somebody is always home by turning lights and/or music on or off, thus discouraging any possible trespasser from breaking in. They also serve as a safety measure for the house, guaranteeing that the iron (or other heated home appliances) are switched off when you’re not around.

Lock your Doors and Windows

The most typical entry point for an intruder is through doors and windows. By installing sensors around these areas, you can be made aware if they have actually been opened or broken and make sure that you are notified via your cellular phone. For a little more security than just locked windows and doors, motion sensing devices can be set up throughout the home or around it for outside observation. Similar to the window and door protection, these can be set up to send out notifications by means of mobile phone when activity is detected. These sensing units typically utilize infrared technology to get heat signatures from larger moving things, so smaller sized pets won’t be sufficient to set the sensors off.

View your Home Remotely

Remote viewing is an additional way to protect your home while traveling and will give you the confidence that your house is safe. With modern technology, it is now possible to be almost anywhere, even across the globe, and still view your home in real time from your cellular phone. Simply by linking your CCTV security system to the internet and downloading the applicable app, you are able to monitor your home on your cellular phone. Home video surveillance can now record in HD and  saved to the cloud to optimize storage. When coming home from your trip, should something have occurred, the HD video will still be available to view and utilize as evidence.

A Sensible Investment

While many would shy away from making any huge purchases going into the holidays, taking a few easy and budget-friendly actions toward securing your home will relieve you of worry while you’re on holiday. An affordable financial investment in house security can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a break in.

We can Help You Protect Your Home

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