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OnGuard Camera Systems: The Official Security Cameras of HOA POOLS

NO Security Company Does More HOA POOLS in DFW

In over 100 communities across DFW, OnGuard has installed more security camera systems at HOA POOLS than any other company in DFW. 

It’s not just because we understand the technology that goes into installing security cameras, it’s also because we understand how HOAs and HOA Boards work. The Owner of OnGuard Camera Systems has been an HOA Board President for years, so he knows the importance of not raising HOA dues or dipping into reserves. The result is a Lease Package that is bespoke to HOAs, doesn’t have a large up front financial investment, and most of all, no maintenance cost headaches!

Each HOA POOL is different, so each one gets a security camera system that’s custom designed, with standard pricing that’s transparent, understandable, and affordable.

PAC – OnGuard’s New Cutting-Edge Technology

Because OnGuard Camera Systems specializes in HOA Community Pools, we constantly seek new technology to address their specific needs. In the Summer of 2023, we found it – the right technology for the biggest security problem at HOA Pools.

Introducing the Perimeter Access Camera or “PAC”!
The PAC camera system allows HOAs Boards to create an invisible perimeter that sets off a siren and flashing lights when any perimeter line is breached, all while recording the event in 4K resolution. The camera’s sophisticated AI can distinguish between an animal or a human, so it reduces false alerts and creates an easy-to-read timeline of recordings. These new cameras send intruders running and give homeowner associations a video record of the incident that can be provided to law enforcement, or disappointed parents.

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