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Secure your Home

Your home should be your sanctuary, full of pleasant memories and where you can relax after managing your busy schedule. If your home isn’t fully protected or you have actually had a burglary recently, this might jeopardize your ability to feel secure in your home. Implementing some basic home security suggestions, you can safeguard your valuables, frustrate would-be burglars and maintain your feeling of security while at home and when you’re away.

Security begins outside your home, from the minute it comes into view. Circumnavigate your home or business with a eye for security and see how you measure up. Here some ideas you’ll want to consider:

Don’t leave places for thieves to conceal themselves

Trim your landscaping, trees and high bushes, that might provide concealment for someone trying to access your home. Anything high enough to block a window should be trimmed back.

It’s also a good idea to illuminate any dark places around your home that might allow access to a stranger attempting to enter under cover of darkness.  Installing lights in various locations will eliminate these potential access points and your home entrance. Motion detection lighting varieties are available and are the best option to save you energy as they will only light when motion is detected.  It’ll also keep your neighbors happier if you’re home isn’t glaringly bright all the time.

Never broadcast to thieves that you’re not home

It’s highly recommended that you don’t announce to the world when you’re going on vacation.  Resist the urge to post on social media until after you’ve returned and can share your pictures! We have become a society that loves sharing…everything… and burglars use social media too. Be very cautious of how you present your lives as you could be opening the door for unwelcomed visitors.

It’s always a good idea to have a neighbor gather any obvious signs, like mail and newspapers, when you’re away. Any items gathering on the stoop would be direct evidence that no one is home, sending all the wrong signals for security purposes.

On a day-to-day basis, there are products available that can leave your home with the impression there’s always someone home. Timers are especially helpful. They can turn lights and TVs on at set times to bolster the illusion. There’s even fake TV that simulates the flickering light visible from outside the home when a TV is on.

Keep your backyard clean to prevent giving thieves an advantage

Burglars often gain access to your house through a broken window, so don’t leave them any ‘tools.’ Clean up any tree limbs after a storm and don’t leave toys or tools (gardening, barbecue, or others) about. Never leave a ladder where it could be used to reach a high window; they’re more likely to be unlocked and accessible.

Install a home alarm

An alarm system may not keep burglars out, but it will bring police and may frighten the burglar off. It will at least limit the time they will be in the home and subsequently how much they can steal. Of course, alarm systems only work if they’re armed, so you must remember to set it, even if you’re at home. You might be surprised how often burglars will enter one part of the house while you’re occupied in another. No one wants those kinds of surprises. As an added incentive, some insurance companies will discount premiums if you have an alarm system.

Protect your windows

Should you be replacing your windows, consider shatterproof glass, it’s worth the investment, preventing anyone breaking the glass to access your home. At least, add security film to the existing windows. It’ll prevent the glass from shattering and allowing easy access.

Ensure all your window locks are operational and keep up repairs if they’re needed. There are also window locks that allow windows to open a few inches without jeopardizing security. Additionally, your security system may be able to include economical window-break alarms.

Sliding glass doors need special attention

Sliding glass doors have notoriously flimsy locking mechanisms. A burglar can quickly pop them open, offering easy entry. A security bar for these types of doors would definitely make it much more difficult for them to enter. This measure of defense is an essential for all sliding doors and windows.

Keep doors and windows locked

Of course keep windows locked when you’re not at home, but also when you are. If you prefer to sleep with a window open, then use the window security mentioned above that only allows the window to open a few inches.

It’s imperative that you keep your garage door down. Open, it provides a semi-concealed entry open for exploration. Even if you’re home and they can’t take anything at that moment, access gives them a view of what you have…they may come back at a more opportune time.

Change the locks

When purchasing a pre-owned home, you have no idea how many keys may exist, so the first thing on your list of projects should be to install new locks. Also, any time a relationship with someone who had a key to your home changes, even if they return the key, you should change your locks. You can’t guarantee there are no additional copies made that could threaten your home’s security.

Secure your home and rest easy

Maintaining safety and security for your home, family, and belongings doesn’t need to involve a huge investment. Some basic adjustments, like those listed above, will ensure their safety and preserve your peace of mind.



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