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Maintaining a safe and secure company is most important for all business, no matter their size. Modern technology is evolving on a daily basis, and today companies have the capability to secure the interior and exterior of their businesses with various means of monitoring equipment cost effectively with numerous optional features. Video surveillance systems combined with Access Control systems have revolutionized business security and how owners are able to protect their assets.

Get Up To Speed

You should start by educating yourself on the new developments in the security industry. Find out what systems are available and explore their features so you can determine which features might be best applicable for your specific business situation.

Alarm Systems that are Monitored

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A monitored alarm system is comprised of a network of devices that are providing authorization for those entering your business which automatically updates to a central station. The station offers 24 hour coverage and will alert the appropriate authorities when appropriate. There are typically six components to the security network, including the following:

  1. Control board: The power source for your system. Typically they’re housed in a utility room and are networked through your phone system.
  2. Keypad security: Established at least at your main entrance location, allows 2-way communication with the central station. This allows them to check with whomever set off the alarm and determine if there is a security threat. Additional keypads may be installed at other locations within the business, at the owner’s discretion.
  3. Motion detectors: Using infrared monitoring, the system can alert you to any unauthorized presence registering movement when there should be none.
  4. Window and door contact: Installed surrounding doors and windows, this infrared mechanism will notify security should there be any attempt of unauthorized access, whether it’s an intruder or mother nature.
  5. Glass break sensing units: These sensing units are activated when any type of acoustic shock waves are registered from damaging glass.
  6. Sirens: Located inside or outside your facility, these alarms will provide notification to all in your immediate vicinity that something has occurred.


Additional Features

These basic features are available with the majority of business security systems, however, there are additional features available that owners may find useful:

Backup system: It’s important to have a backup in case your power goes out. With monitored systems, most provide 24 hr backups that will run if there should be an outage.

Two-way tracking: Allows for instant verification between the business and the central monitoring station and is especially helpful in the case of false alarms. The station can immediately determine if there is an actual emergency and set the appropriate actions in motion.

Tracking: A supervised system keeps track of when and by whom the system is armed and disarmed and central monitoring can notify the owner if an unauthorized attempt is made or if the system isn’t armed when that individual leaves. With an unsupervised system, the keypad keeps track of access.

Optional Components

Accessibility Control Equipment

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Accessibility control systems and card accessibility systems permit workers to go into in and out of the facility while ensuring unauthorized personnel are unable to gain access. They utilize keypads or cards to enable access. Card accessibility locations are usually at the primary egress, however, they may also be appropriate for parking garage access, or other various areas in your company that may require additional access restraints. There are various configurations for Access Control systems, from the simple to the complex, depending on the levels of security you wish to employ.

A proximity card is a commonly popular feature of Access Control Systems, allowing access approval to occur when the card is detected nearby the access security point. Sensitivity can be set for anywhere between an inch distant to three feet from the sensor and can be used several ways: Coupled with a photo ID as an access badge, and as a car tag to allow garage access, to name just two. Larger companies have even opted to combine all their data into a Smart card, which can contain much more data beyond access information. They can possibly include employee data and spending profiles, however these types of cards are significantly more expensive, both for the cards and the access terminal.

Video Surveillance

Currently most common in businesses, video surveillance systems can have one or hundreds of cameras, even have multiple monitoring stations. Effective for theft prevention and general discouragement of undesirable activity due to their visibility, they have been proven a worthwhile investment which current technology has expanded upon. Video documentation is acceptable evidence of a crime or accident and often will garner the business owner a discount from their insurance company.

Consult a Business Security Professional

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The range of options available today can make choosing a system difficult. You must consider the type of camera signal you prefer, analog or digital, and what picture quality is best for your business situation. Camera size varies as do other factors. Take into consideration the following points:

  • What sort of lenses do you require?
  • What quality of resolution do you require?
  • The placement of the video camera(s) for best effect.
  • Will you require the camera to zoom, tilt, or pan?
  • Do you prefer color or black and white images?

Onguard Camera Systems can help you answer all these questions and have the expertise to ensure you acquire the appropriate system and features to best protect your business. Protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your workplace is easy with our help.



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